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If you need assistance with registration, accessing a course or live events, email lia@phisigmapi.org. Have a question about Leadership in Action including requesting a Module, claiming points or Lunch and Learn Webinars? Email lia@phisigmapi.org.

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Leadership in Action FAQs

Leadership in Action has served as Phi Sigma Pi's original Leadership development program for over 10 years.

Now that the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is launched, what about Leadership in Action? I’m close to earning my 75 points and my Certification. The Leadership Center will continue to offer the Leadership in Action program until June 30, 2024. Members who have earned LiA points in the past and wish to obtain Certification can still use the program. Upon logging in to the Leadership Learning Center, members can find a button to access the LiA program.

Can my Leadership in Action points/certifications transfer over to the Executive Leadership Program? LiA points and Certifications cannot be transferred to the Executive Leadership Program. However, if you have already obtained your certification or earned it during the 2023-2024 year, you will not lose your LiA Certified status. Your years of the Leadership Advancement Society will also remain earned. It's important to note that LiA points will not expire until June 30, 2024.

Can we do the Executive Leadership Program courses as a Chapter or are they individual? At present, the Executive Leadership Program courses are exclusively available for individuals. If your Chapter wishes to organize a group session, please request Chapter Modules from Leadership in Action for the 2023-2024 academic year. Should you have any inquiries regarding Module requests, kindly reach out to lia@phisigmapi.org.

I am a new Member. Can I still do Leadership in Action? Absolutely! As a new member, we highly encourage you to participate in the Executive Leadership Program. Additionally, you are more than welcome to participate in Leadership in Action and work towards obtaining your certification.

Where are my Leadership in Action points?

  1. Go to your Portfolio under the "My Learning" section of the E-Learning Center.
  2. Click on the "Transcript/Achievements" button at the top of the page, where you can see all of the courses you have completed in the new E-Learning Center, as well as your current point total and download your certificates.
    1. Any LiA Points that you earned prior to the launch of the E-Learning Center (before August 2019) are on record with the National Office and Staff updates your total LiA points as you complete courses online. If you have any questions about your LiA points you can email lia@phisigmapi.org.

What does it mean to be a LiA Facilitator?

  • A LiA Facilitator is a member of Phi Sigma Pi who is able to facilitate LiA Modules for their Chapter! Complete the Leadership in Action Virtual Facilitator Training to become a Facilitator for your Chapter. During this training, you will learn more about the Leadership in Action Program, enhance your presentation skills and how to start facilitating Local Modules for Members of your Chapter. You will earn 6 Leadership in Action points for completing the Training and a Facilitator Badge on your CORE profile.

What does it mean to be LiA Certified?

  • To become Certified in Leadership in Action, you’ll need to earn 75 points from the following options. How you choose to earn your points is completely up to you!
  • Becoming Certified in Leadership in Action, comes with some really cool perks, a Leadership in Action certificate and pin, a customized letter of recommendation,  National recognition and a resume talking point!

What is the difference between being Certified and being a Facilitator?

  • A common misconception between these two is that you can become a Facilitator before you are LiA Certified. You do not need to be Certified to become a Facilitator. By Facilitating local Modules to can earn more points to earn your Certification quicker.

I’ve earned my 75 LiA points, how do I receive my Certification?

  • The Director of Leadership Advancement processes all Leadership in Action Certifications. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive an email from the Director to confirm your address and request your custom letter of recommendation.

How do I request a Leadership in Action Module to facilitate?

This video will show you the step by step instructions on how to request a Module.

How do I register for a Leadership in Action Module?


How do I claim my 6 Leadership in Action points for attending a Module?


How do I claim my 8 Leadership in Action points for facilitating a Module?

How do I register to watch a Lunch & Learn Webinar recording?